Introducing the Pod and the Barrel Garden Sauna

The Pod house was designed as a compact modern house. Functionality is the aim with our Pod can be built as a camping house, a garden room or a home office. The Pod has the same look externally, but step inside and each Pod becomes an individual space. All models are fully finished and assembled in the factory. The best materials are assembled with precision and care to ensure a high quality product. Everything is thoroughly considered and ready to use. The Pod house is delivered as a complete module, we offer a choice of colours and the Pod just needs to be positioned and secured.
The Pod can be used as a home office in the garden - a cost effective way of adding to your property.
The Pod comes supplied as the complete unit for £9500 plus delivery and installation.
We offer internal fittings to personalise your Pod - the 4 bed camping Pod furniture (shown below) is £2000.
Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Blue grey pod    


  • size: height 2,6 m/ length 4,2 m/ width 2,4 m
  • plywood walls with applied lasur paint that let the beautiful wood texture show up 
  • flooring material is easily maintained and durable 
  • quality timber door
  • integrated economical LED lighting  
  • stylish electric sockets and switches
  • in and out ventilation installed
  • house is insulated (can be used year-round)
  • different color possibilities to choose from - roof, walls, door, floor 
  • electrical panel heater (fire place option)
  • furnished (camping house bunk beds, sauna or garden office) or unfurnished
  • The Pod as an ultra modern camping space

    Camping house


    Camping house 2

      Camping house 3



    The Pod as a gym



    The Pod as a music room



    The Pod as a treatment room



    The Barrel Garden Sauna

    The Garden Sauna Barrel is from the same family as the Pod, a completely fitted modular unit which only requires a mains power supply for the electric steam heater. The Barrel Sauna is supplied complete with all the internal fittings, roof tiles and chimney all pre-installed at the factory. Price £3999.00 including VAT + transportation at cost price. Please contact Leisure Buildings for further details.

    Barrel sauna


    Barrel sauna

      Barrel sauna
    Barrel sauna


    Barrel sauna

      Barrel sauna

    The garden sauna is 2.3 metres long, has a 2 meter diameter and is solidly constructed with 43mm thick wall boards. The sauna is equipped with bench seats, aspen grate floor and lighting all pre-installed. High quality roof shingle tiles provide protection from the elements. The wood is pre-treated with protection oil (Remmers) to allow for a 5 years maintenance free durability. A 6kW electric heater and 2 sets of stones are included in the package, together with a thermometer/hydrometer, sand timer, scoop and bucket. The package complete weighs in at approximately 500Kg.

    Pod transportation and delivery

    All Pod houses are fully finished in the factory and transported in one piece.

    One house is as wide (2,4 meters) and as high (2,6 meters) as one truck. 4,2 meters of length allows space for three houses per truck.

    Six saunas can be transported on one vehicle for transportation efficiency.



    More information

    Each Pod house has four insulated glazing windows. There are two round shaped (diameter of 48 and 58 cm) windows, one rectangular 152 x 16 cm window that spreads light toward the upper arc of the ceiling/wall. The door glass window is 36 x 162 cm. One glass layer of the window is 4 mm thick. There are two glasses in the Insulated Glass Unit (IGU). Double glass window panes are separated by argon gas (90%) and air (10%) filled space to reduce heat transfer. Our houses use Low-E selective glass in their windows. It is a spectrally selective glass option, reducing long (ultraviolet) and short wave (infrared) radiation, while at the same time allowing visible light to be transmitted through the glass.

    Pod house floors are durable, easy to clean, good looking and slip resistant. Our houses are designed to be used all year-round. This is why the floor is insulated with 100 mm rock wool. This keeps warmth inside the house even in colder winter conditions. The next layer is a 22 mm thick solid wooden board where Polyflor luxury vinyl tiles are laid on. This flooring is selected because of its high dimensional stability, abrasion, non-slip properties and fire resistance. The floor material is 100% recyclable and contains 40% of recycled material.

    Every Pod is factory built and prewired as a modular unit for easy installation on your site. The Pod also comes with electrical wall sockets already pre installed.

    For further information about the Pod house contact Hugh Nelson at 01360 850004 or 07768 146813.